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Torchwood Rare

Because Torchwood is Equal-Opportunity in the Bedroom

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Name:Torchwood Rare
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Serving up Torchwood fic and art featuring rare pairings
This is a community specializing in Torchwood fan works that focus on rare and/or non-canon pairings.

What is our goal?

Fics with rare pairings can fall through the cracks in larger comms. We want to provide a place where people can find their favorite pairings, or just something different.

What is a rare pairing?

For now, the definition is kept loose, but: any pairing that is not commonly depicted in fan works, and did not play a large role in canon. Canon relationships are not explicitly forbidden at all, but if the relationship receives a lot of screen time, this may not be the best place for it. Obviously, this is open to interpretation, and that's okay. If in doubt, you can always ask. But if you think it's rare, it likely is.

Fics are welcome to contain more common pairings as part of the background or alongside rarer ones. We just ask that the rare pairings play an important role in the fic.

Posting Guidelines

Posters are mostly left to their own discretion. Any questions or comments can be made via e-mail or PM.

Fics, artwork, meta, and discussion posts are all allowed to be posted. If posting in the community, please post everything except a header, description, or intro under a cut. Give a warning for any images that are NSFW.

Advertisements for comms, fic exchanges and challenges, etc. are welcome as long as they relate to Torchwood, Doctor Who, or related fandoms. This includes any pan-fandom communities that may be of interest to our members.

We allow all levels of ratings and content, but please include ratings and any warnings or content notes as you feel necessary. We do ask that you please don't warn for slash or het. If you wish to label your fic as slash or het, it's fine to do so, but we would appreciate it if you don't warn for it.
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